Anatomy of a Photo: Sunny Side Up

By October 17, 2014Blog, Photography

resort hotel photographer

How We Did It:

A surprising amount of pre-planning goes into every photo, regardless of how simple the finished product may look. In pre-production meetings, everything from lighting, layout, model’s attire and backups for every variable are hammered out.

This sunny suite is a luxury villa at St. Peter’s Bay located in Barbados. Trust us, once you visit, you will never want to leave.

1. The Right Time of Day

We often shoot in the morning, from inside to outside to capture the ocean and blue sky out the window. We chose to shoot in the afternoon to show the beautiful light streaming into the suite.

2. Models & Model Suites

The calm, relaxed model (I want to be her, don’t you?) was deliberately placed in the corner of the room to leave a lot of empty space for the viewer to appreciate the expansive size of the suite.

3. Sunny & Rich

The warm tone helps the viewer to imagine what the warm sun would feel like in their vacation home.